Venrize Life Sciences

* Turning leading science into innovative therapies
* Focus on Central and Eastern European Universities / Research Institutes / Researchers
* A partnership between Venrize Life Sciences and top Life Sciences VC and Pharma companies

Venrize Life Sciences

Venrize Life Sciences brings together VENRIZE strength in scientific innovation and entrepreneurship, with group of top Life Sciences Venture Capital Funds and Pharma companies expertise to accelerate academic / individual life science research projects to mature projects ready for spinoff company formation, or out-licensing.

Venrize Life Sciences is the Central European Biotech Incubator and Accelerator, an Bulgaria-based biotech company bringing together its in-house research, development, financing, and management capabilities to support early and medium stage biotech companies, and to develop a pipeline of innovative projects and spinoff companies.

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What Venrize Life Sciences Does


We seek life science projects from Universities / Research Institutions / Individual Researcher in Central and Eastern Europe to be translated into the medicines of tomorrow


We advance selected projects addressing unmet medical needs and commercial potential by working with interested academics to carry out acceleration projects we provide funding for


We commercialize the project through creating spinoff companies or out-licensing to Pharma partners


- Innovative drug discovery projects from Universities / Research Institutes / Individual Reseracher in Central and Eastern Europe

- Projects with significant commercial potential and unmet medical need​

- Intellectual Property (either filed patents or potential for new IP)​

- Collaborative team spirit

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Our Selection Process

Tell us about your project

Academic / Technology Transfer Office / Individual Researcher? Submit us information about your project using our form, or send us an email

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Evaluation and Selection

The Venrize Life Sciences team will evaluate your application and make an initial assessment on whether to enter due diligence. For these projects, we then analyze the scientific data, developmental feasibility, commercial potential, and IP position, through discussion with the scientific groups, and provide feedback on our findings

Project Proposal

For selected projects we will work with you to put together a proposal for a Venrize Life Sciences award that is assessed by our Joint Steering Committee

Venrize Life Sciences Award

Project proposals are approved for a Venrize Life Sciences Award by the Joint Steering Committee

Awarded Projects

Each awarded project is given funding to assess feasibility and reach proof-of-concept within an average of 6 to 9 months.


Projects that meet the defined milestones and success criteria are commercialized by Venrize Life Sciences either through spinoff company formation or out-licencing

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We are looking for academic / individual research projects for new therapeutics to mature into projects ready for spinoff company formation, or out-licensing

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Find out more about Venrize Life Sciences

We are actively seeking projects focused on novel therapeutics and other life-science topics from Universities / academic institutions / individual researcher primarily in Central and Eastern Europe.

Projects should address an unmet medical or commercial need and have significant commercial value to be considered.

We are particularly interested in drug-discovery projects, from novel drug targets through to projects with candidate drug molecules identified.

Venrize Life Sciences offers you the opportunity to add translational value to your research and work with Industry experts to see your work commercialized either through setting up a spin-out company or licensing to Pharma.

Not necessarily. Whereas each project we select has to have the potential for patents covering the work, we are also interested in discussing early-stage projects that have not yet been patented.

Venrize Life Sciences offers access to top industry-leading drug discovery and development platform. The funded work will be undertaken with their scientific and pre-clinical product development teams and by VENRIZE and its strategic partner SPINOFF.BG. Depending on the project, certain activities may be performed in collaboration with the applicant’s University or Institution.

Yes, we will help to arrange a confidentiality agreement before discussing any sensitive information.

Venrize Life Sciences can help improve University knowledge transfer and foster entrepreneurship within academic departments. The University or Research Institute will also receive financial returns for successful commercialization of the project through licensing or start-up company formation.

Scouting new projects

Venrize Life Sciences is actively scouting early-stage academic drug development projects to fast-track towards the pharmaceutical industry​​.

​Innovative academic research projects are often too early stage to be partnered with Pharma or Biotech companies, or lack the access to funding necessary to translate research projects to industry ready opportunities. ​Venrize Life Sciences aims to bridge this gap between academia and industry, translating academic research projects into focused drug discovery programs across multiple therapeutic areas. Venrize Life Sciences will fast-track early-stage drug development projects, making them attractive for spin-out company formation or licensing to Pharmaceutical companies.​

Venrize Life Sciences will provide funding for carefully selected projects. Our experienced biotech team will work together in peer-to-peer scientific collaboration with academic researchers to carry out a research validation plan, with projects running an average of 6-9 months.

For each selected project, Venrize Life Sciences works with the academic researchers and technology transfer offices on the next stages of commercialization for the project. ​

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Venrize Life Sciences Team

Prof. Nikolai Zhelev

Chief Scientific Officer

Daniella Zheleva

Chief Operating Officer

Kaloyan Ratchev

Chief Marketing Officer

Dimitar Dimitrov




The Initiative For Spinoff Innovation & Technology Transfer In Bulgaria. Join us to learn about the latest insights on spinoff innovation and technology transfer from world leading experts and speakers. Meet inventors, entrepreneurs, impactful investors, universities and government support organisations.


Venrize is an innovative company witch provides support and services for universities, scientists, existing spinoffs as well as investors and corporations. We manage and coordinate a broad network of stakeholders connected to technology transfer, science based innovation and academia spinoffs. Our sectoral focus is on deep tech companies operating in the field of life sciences and artificial intelligence. Our regional focus is Bulgaria and South East Europe (SEE), however our network consists of strong European partners and globally operating experts and organisations

Venrize Academy

Venrize Academy and BBI Cambridge have formed an exclusive partnership to promote the International MBA in Life Sciences and Biotechnology in Southeast Europe across: Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosna, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria

Health & Life Science Cluster Bulgaria ( is a non-profit organization that united businesses and organizations with Key Activities focused on practical application of life sciences & health.

AI Cluster Bulgaria

The AI Cluster Bulgaria is a Non-Profit Organization that is bringing the knowledge for ML, NLP, IoT, AR, VR, Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition, Big Data & Analytic and Cloud Computing. We follow a Cross-Industry / Co-Innovation approach in order to show best practices.

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